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Fairmont Sirru

Fen Fushi

Sustainability Lab

Pilot Location

The Sustainability Lab is the Maldives’ first plastic recycling centre in the entire archipelago. The Lab currently prevents plastic waste from going to landfill using innovative recycling machinery.

Learn more about the Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi Resort.


The Plastic Recycling

The Hotels Sustainability Lab is the Maldives first plastic recycling center in the entire archipelago


Investment in Solar

The hotel has the largest solar project in the Maldives, with 3,307 solar panels producing an estimated 1,048 kw of energy


Eco-friendly Art Gallery

The Hotel has the worlds first semi-submerged underwater art gallery titled the Coralarium


Movement Towards Sustainability

The Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi aims to become a net zero hotel

Why Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi?


Made by the Sustainability Lab, featuring Precious Plastic technology


Products Include:

- Chairs/Stools

- Bar Counters

- Tables

- Shelves/Trays


Products Include:

- Luggage Tags (in the shape of marine life)

- School Rulers and Clip Boards

- Beach Rackets


Products Include:

- Tiles and Bricks

- Carabiner Hooks

- Coasters

and more

The Sustainability Lab uses plastic that would otherwise go to landfill using special machines designed by the company Precious Plastic that turns them into:
  • Bespoke Guest Souvenirs & Amenities

  • Hotel Equipment & Tools

  • Unique Furniture

  • Art Items & more

01. Segregating

It's very important to separate the plastic by type as they have different melting points

02. Washing

Plastic is washed to ensure the best quality output possible for the products being designed

03. Cutting

Cut the plastic into smaller pieces so that it's easier and faster to process

04. Shredding

The Blades turn the plastic into small flakes, which drop in colored or mixed boxes

05.  Melting and Carpentry

Using the Sheet Press or the Extruder before the Carpenters Workshop for modeling and assembling

Sustainability Lab Steps


Create a Ruler & Keyring

Create a ruler and turtle keyring to hand out to students of the local school, member of the Lab's network

Create Plastic Sheets

Design and create plastic sheets to be made into furniture

Build Furniture

Work with Carpenters to measure, cut, and build the designed furniture



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