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Maldivian Government

Ministers and Governmental Officials

Interviews and Official Endorsements

Aminath Shauna

Minister of Environment, Climate Change & Technology

Abdulla Mausoom

Minister of Tourism

Mariya Ahmed Didi

Minister of Defense

Sabra Ibrahim

Special Envoy for Climate Change

"What the Lab initiative has done here with the plastic and sustainability labs is brilliant...If they are able to process and repurpose 20 kilos of plastic in one hour that really gives you the perspective of how impactful this might be"

Aminath Shauna


"We maintain our traditional image of the Maldives’ natural beauty; Cultural Tourism and Ecotourism are becoming very strong. The government encourages product and service diversity, so that the Maldives would be the first choice"

Abdulla Mausoom


“I was very impressed when I went into your lab… how they are going to make school children aware about the environment and its impacts, and how you can use waste and change the mindset - to think of waste as something useful”

Mariya Ahmed Didi


“We have other solutions now. Now you’ll see we stopped open burning, and we are trying to manage the waste in a more sustainable way…really hoping to get that message of awareness of what we need for a circular economy”

Sabra Ibrahim

Special Envoy


Following the great work of the Sustainability Lab, the Maldivian Government is directing substantial efforts to foster solutions related to the national plastic pollution emergency.

The Maldives government is committed to addressing climate change through sustainable development, renewable energy promotion, and marine ecosystem protection. They actively participate in international climate change negotiations and raise awareness about individual and collective actions to mitigate its impacts.


For the past 30 years, solid waste generated in the Greater Malé area has been dumped with no treatment and burned in the open on the industrial island of Thilafushi.


After three decades of waste dumping, the Maldives' capital and islands are investing in sustainable waste management to reduce emissions and protect fishing and tourism industries.

Thilafushi "Trash" Island

An issue of plastic pollution


Improved waste management for the poor, skills training and behavior change campaigns


Adopting more sustainable waste management practices will improve public and environmental health


Decrease amount of solid waste like plastics that currently enter the sea, improving ocean health.


Reduce ocean pollution and positively impact the tourism and fishery sectors, two cornerstones of the economy.

Natural Capital Solutions


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