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Precious Plastic

What is Precious Plastic?

Precious Plastic is an organization which has created sustainable solutions to turning plastic waste into profit

Advancing Sustainability, Empowering Communities, and Driving Change Worldwide.


Precious Plastic employs its machines to transform recycled waste and materials into valuable and practical items.


These machines have the capability to create an array of products, such as furniture, construction materials, modular structures, and various other items, by utilizing plastic.

Business Tools

Through recycling, Precious Plastic offers a global opportunity for entrepreneurs to establish businesses focused on selling products made using their machinery.

Precious Plastic's Environmental
Solutions Include

Major Pieces of Machinery

The Shredder chops the plastic into small flakes that can be used by the other machines to melt.



Shredded plastic goes in, gets molten and turns into a string of plastic. You can freestyle and wrap it around a mould or fill up moulds.



Big machine that can make big sheets. It can process a lot of plastic on a daily basis.



107 Countries

are involved in their mission

11,500+ Volunteers

bring projects and programs to life, aiming to alleviate the plastic crises

1,881+ Machines

have been built and sold globally

595,400 Tons

of plastic have been recycled

$36+ MM

Global Network Revenue


Average project revenue

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