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Traction Topic, Message & Young Audience

These documentaries seem to pique our interest in the planet and potentially even drive us to take action.

A survey found that 88 percent of people who watched Blue Planet II had changed their behavior as a result.

Environmental documentaries are not only revealing but can also illustrate adoptable environmental solutions.

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Education empowers students to comprehend pressing environmental issues and take meaningful action.


The Coralarium, is just one of the many initiatives that illuminates a existence between humans and nature.


Image by Ahmed Yaaniu

Change Starts with Awareness!


Environmental documentaries have also gathered high viewership numbers globally and have been deemed a worthy investment by producers

Environmental Humanities cite that as climate change becomes an ever- pressing matter, more people will be drawn towards watching environmental documentaries, meaning the demand is only set to increase.


of viewers who watch environmental documentaries are willing to change their lifestyle




The Coralarium is an underwater art gallery and coral restoration project in the Maldives. It combines art and marine conservation, serving as a habitat for marine life and raising awareness about coral reefs' importance.

 Located at the Fairmont Maldives
Sirru Fen Fushi Resort


It is the world's first semi-submerged art gallery and the Maldives' first coral restoration project in the form of an underwater museum.


The installation was created by renowned British sculptor and marine conservationist, Jason deCaires Taylor.


The Coralarium combines art, conservation, and marine biology, providing a unique platform for raising awareness about the importance of coral reefs and their preservation.


The sculptures within the Coralarium are made from pH-neutral materials, designed to facilitate coral growth and provide shelter for marine life.

The Coralarium serves as a testament to the intersection of art and conservation, inspiring people to appreciate and protect the underwater world.

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